Tessellate Advisory is a boutique company with global reach dedicated to helping organisations adapt to and succeed in the digital ecosystem-based economy. We provide swift collaborative advisory services with multi-nationals, medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organisations, start-ups and public bodies in various industry verticals, resulting in tangible, pragmatic playbooks to make your goals reality.

What we stand for

what we do
At Tessellate, we're passionate about innovation, growth and sound business. Our core values include openness, authenticity, dedication and confidentiality.

The emergence of the internet of things (IoT), 5G, AI, distributed ledger and other technologies are giving light to the connected, technology-enabled "ecosystem" economy. In this new paradigm value is generated through openness; networks replace hierarchy; and power emerges from collaboration.

In this context, organisations of all sizes and across all sectors need to re-evaluate their existing models, work with partners and leverage technologies in order to:

- Develop new revenue streams
- Identify and manage disruption
- Respond to & exceed customer expectations
- Understand time and context

Working with our network of partners, Tessellate's areas of expertise include:

- Analysis, recommendations, assessments
- Strategy & implementation
- Business model innovation
- Partnerships & business ecosystem modelling
- Business/ecosystem capabilities & architecture
- Value stream & value fabric mapping
- Balancing risk & reward
- Digital leadership & change management
- Financial engineering

How we do it

Tessellate salons explore new ideas, look at old ideas from new angles and uncover opportunities and value. They question what we know, what we do, and how we do it to enhance business development. As digital pervades every aspect of business, society and life, how do you keep pace, or better yet, how can YOU set the pace?

The salon experience is part retreat where we'll work on creativity; it's all about openness and communication. Come willing to push boundaries and together with peers, (potential) partners and clients we'll paint the vision of your business in the digital economy. Leave with a broader view, clear vision and tangible maps, models or architectures.
Moving forward from exploration and discovery, your vision now established, Tessellate curated workshops address alignment both internally and externally so you can make your vision reality.

Workshops are hands-on and intense, but fun, resulting in the creation of your own bespoke playbook. This is your execution plan, your "how-to" guide to facilitating and optimising monetisation of your products/services, management of your business ecosystems and trust among stakeholders and customers alike.
With the economy more global and intricate than ever, rules are being thrown out the window and organisations need to rethink pretty much everything from strategy and tactics to operations, processes, partnering, business and revenue models, investment, capabilities...

Powerful, disruptive tech is booming, but how do you take advantage of it while avoiding being disrupted yourself?

Tessellate's network of expert partners in legal and regulatory, financial engineering, business assurance, risk management, emerging technologies and more, guide and smooth the path towards your own brand of success.
There may not be a Masters in Digital Ecosystem Management (yet!) , however, there are traits, attitudes and actions that characterise successful, flexible leadership, that can and should be adopted by all would-be digital business executives.

Tessellate shares best practices based on real experiences and adapts these to your individual context and ambitions. Think of this training as a golden compass as you navigate your way towards the shining shores of the digital platform El Dorado. Tessellate training covers creative and design thinking, uses tried and tested methods, models and templates and develops know-how in areas including business architecture, ecosystem modelling and more.
To better guide you through what can at times seem like a labyrinth, we continuously develop tools with partners, keeping in line with constant innovation and evolution. We also tailor maps, models, canvases and various apps, to each client's specific situation, resulting in maximum value and clarity so you and your team can get out of the digital, connected, platform, ecosystem maze triumphant.

Some of these tools will be used during Tessellate salons, workshops, advisory and training.
Who we are
Our founders work with a team of partners worldwide, bringing a wealth of diverse experience and expertise and offering a different professional view of business, innovation and value in a global context.
Craig Bachmann
A natural born, formally trained artist and musician, Craig has over 40 years experience in business, technology and innovation. A true visionary, Craig is constantly sought to share is vision around existing and emerging business contexts.
Thandi Demanet
Thandi is passionate about creativity, wellbeing and "good" business. With experience across various markets and geographies, she is convinced open communication and leveraging digital technologies are the keys to sustainable prosperity.
Why Tessellate?

Having worked with leaders and disrupters across a variety of industries and markets, we listened closely. We understand the need for broader and deeper communication and collaboration, and we use an original blend of methods and means to make that happen.

Our neutral, curated services help you identify opportunities, value, threats and challenges. We help accelerate go-to-market by exploring commercial partnerships and models directly with relevant players - finding your digital ecosystem fit faster than through any traditional channels. With a clear vision established, we move on to build a realistic, bespoke playbook to attain your goals. We use original approaches to facilitate the creation, integration and management of business ecosystems. We also help set strategies and tactics, as well as provide the tools to maintain and adapt them as business continues to evolve.

Tessellate believes in synergy and that together, with a little bit of courage and a spark of creativity, people and business are boundless. Take a leap into the ecosystem economy with us!

Tess cares
Tess is Tessellate Advisory's conscience personified. She's a sensitive, do-gooder type. She sees us travel the world and interact with so many different individuals and organisations. She encourages us to recognise and be grateful for all we have and experience, and nudges us to share our good fortune.

The digital industry in itself has great potential to improve lives, societies and to help our planet; we want to make sure we play our part. That's why, wherever we are, we'll seek to support small, local enterprises and worthy initiatives, while enhancing the experience for you, our client, and any guests. So why not swap stuffy windowless conference rooms for breezy terraces and shake things up with more than just networking drinks, with sunset hikes or a culinary class. We work with you to find the best original fit.

We believe business should do good, and work should be fun and fulfilling because, coming full-circle, it's our passion.
Our partners
Tessellate is a global organisation always open to new opportunities and synergies. If you think we'd be a good fit and are interested in becoming a partner please reach out to us.
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